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A stardust born into Earth. Passionate about balanced workspace, data science and our cosmic existence. Sharing makes me happy.

And I was the only one who didn’t know.

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Tips from 16 years of journaling

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The impact of generational patriarchal beliefs and traditions.

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These tools and techniques will level up your reading, writing, and learning skills even if you are not Dyslexic.

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Dyslexia in A Nutshell

Both the pros and cons are impressive.

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Emails with my potential landlord

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Steps to download and upload None-Amazon ebook to your Kindle device

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No Magic Keyboard, No Regret

260€ Less than Magic Keyboard | Image by Author

Issues with Magic Keyboard

  1. Expensive! (339€) iPad Pro was already expensive enough I wasn’t going to spend more unless it added a…

A Buyer’s Guide for Standing Desks (It’s not just the height!)


Not just deleting apps

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